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Current Campaigns

Give a Child a Lift!

                Lonely Child under a tree

       Every month, dozens of children come to see the experts at The Tree House.  These children come to see our Forensic Interviewer, our Victim Advocate, our doctor, and our therapists. Unfortunately, a large number of these children have no way to get to The Tree House.  Knowing that they can't get help they need unless they come to us, we provide free transportation to these children.

       Now we need your help!  Our transportation costs have increased dramatically recently.  We now need $4,000 a month to ensure that all of the children who need assistance from us can get it. If you want to donate to this specific campaign, click here.

Doodle the time away...

 Magna Doodle   

We are looking for new and/or gently used magnetic drawing toys of all sizes, similar to or exactly like Magna Doodles.  The children we see at The Tree House often wait between appointments and they love this particular toy.  The smaller versions are great to bring to court to help keep the children occupied. If you have any of these or wish to purchase them for us, we will put them to good use!

 Snacks are flying off the Shelves!

healthy Snacks

We have a constant need at The Tree House for healthy, prepackaged, non-refrigerated snacks and drinks.  Many of the children who come here stay for several hours.  During this time they get hungry and thirsty, so we make it a point to have snacks available for them.  By donating snacks to The Tree House you enable us to use our "snack" money for medical, mental health, and other services.  

Time to Clean Up!

                         Soap and Sponges

Our medical staff, beyond examing the children who need exams, also promotes good hygiene. Our doctor is hoping that someone wants to donate Lever 2000 soap and soft sponges to The Tree House. This is an ongoing need and these items would be passed on to our medical clients who are in need of such products. 

Plan a Group Project or Collection Drive!

Children Craft 

Looking for something to do? We have some ideas for great projects that would be fun AND help us out:

  • Making stress balls (NOT out of balloons) to help calm the children we see.
  • Making snow-globe like items (calming jars), perhaps with glitter that floats & moves in water, also to calm the children
  • Making nice blank, unlined journals for the children to use for writing and drawing throughout their therapy
  • Making potpourri mixtures with calming scents (lavender, jasmine, chamomile, etc...)
  • Create "Emergency Therapy Toolkits" that could include bubbles, a journal, painting supplies, sand, playdough, stress balls, and/or a kaleidoscope

 Not feeling creative? You can still...

  • Collect little giveaway prizes/games/toys to give to children who have just gone through an intense therapy session or reached a milestone