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Tree House Tour De Cookie Cookie Stand Information

Our cookie stands are the heart and soul (and stomach) of The Tree House Tour de Cookie. Hosted by area organizations, the cookie stands provide riders with energy, excitement, and delicious cookies! There are a total of 7 stands along the long route, 6 along the mid-length route, 9 along the extended-short route and 7 on the short route. Our cookie stand hosts bake fresh, wonderful cookies for hundreds of riders and decorate their stands creatively. We've even seen large blue monsters who love cookies appear at some of the stands in the past.  Use your imagination to woo our riders and judges! After all, someone will be host of the Best Cookie Stand!                       Basics of Hosting a Cookie Stand

Soon we'll be introducing our 2019 Cookie Stand Hosts, but for now we thank our 2018 Cookie Stand Hosts! 

Lollipop Kids Foundation Cookie Stand

SCG Cookie Stand

Moms Club of North Potomac

The Rest Cookie Stand

The District Kids Tri Club Cookie stand

Girl Scout Cadette Troop 5029

Olney Rotary Club

Of course there are more than 7 stands!! They are just camera shy! 

We also want to thank

 The Bean Bag LogoandTaylor Gourmet Logo

 for providing cookie support during our event!