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Tree House Tour De Cookie Cookie Stand Information

Our cookie stands are the heart and soul (and stomach) of The Tree House Tour de Cookie.  Hosted by area organizations, the cookie stands provide riders with energy, excitement, and delicious cookies!    There are a total of 7 stands along the long route, 6 along the mid-length route, and 7 on the short route.  Our cookie stand hosts bake fresh, wonderful cookies for hundreds of riders and decorate their stands creatively. We've even seen large blue monsters who love cookies appear at some of the stands in the past.  Use your imagination to woo our riders and judges!  After all, someone will be host of the Best Cookie Stand!

                                        Basics of Hosting a Cookie Stand

We happily welcome The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc back for their second year as cookie stand hosts!  Some of these bakers have been volunteers and riders at our event in the past. Now they are also cookie stand veterans!

SCG Cookie Stand Description

We are so pleased to announce that The Commission on Children and Youth will be hosting a cookie stand FOR THE 5th TIME! They have been with us since the very beginning of The Tree House Tour de Cookie and we couldn't be happier to have them join us again!

The Commission on Children and Youth

Mr. Cookie is back!  Mr. Cookie is back! 
We are so happy to have "Random Acts of Cookies" back again to serve treats to our medium route riders. Our riders often request their recipes, so you know their cookies are worth the ride! Plus, Mr. Cookie and his wife are very special to us!

Random Acts of Cookies

It is with great delight that we introduce you to a new cookie stand, Circ. de Cookie! We see this as a start to a beautiful and sweet friendship!

Circ de Cookie

We are excited to introduce you to yet another NEW cookie stand host, The Rest, Lifestyle & Event Management, LLC! They made a New Year's resolution and we are the lucky beneficiaries! 

The Rest Lifestyle and Event Management Cookie Stand

We have SO many new cookie stand hosts and we couldn't be happier about that! We introduce you to Girl Scout Troop 362, a group of high school girls who want to give back to their community. That's the spirit!

Girl Scout Troop 362 Cookie Stand

And while we are introducing new stands hosted by Girl Scouts, we need to let you know about Girl Scout Troop 5029 from Clarksburg, MD. These sixth graders are joining us for the first time and are making what's old, new again!

Girl Scouts 5029 Clarksburg

We are very excited to have Family Services, Inc (FSI) host a cookie stand for the first time! FSI's mission intertwines with ours, and we are overjoyed to have these "Tough Cookies" by our side on such a sweet day! 

Family Services Inc

We are excited to welcome back our Olney Rotary cookie stand for a 3rd year at The Tree House Tour de Cookie! Ever since we spoke at one of their meetings years ago, the Olney Rotary has been a loyal supporter of The Tree House. We are so glad to have this kind and good-hearted group return for another year as cookie stand host!

Olney Rotary Club

More introductions are on the way!

And then there's us...

Tree House Cookie Stand

If you are interested in hosting a cookie stand, let us know by sending an email to tourdecookie@treehousemd.org or calling us at 240-777-4699.