Tree House Tour De Cookie Frequently Asked Questions

Answers for Riders

Answers for Cookie Stands

Answers for Exhibitors


Answers for Riders

Is there an official start time or do the riders leave any time after 9am?
   The official start time is 8am. Long route riders will leave at that time.  Mid-length riders will start their rides at 8:30am.  Short route riders will leave at 9am.  Plan get arrive prior to your specific start time, ESPECIALLY if you are picking up your packet that morning.  Be ready to sing "C is for Cookie" at the start of your particular ride and enjoy the day!!  The start is staggered in brief intervals but we expect all riders to be well on their way by 9:30am. If you come late there is a chance that the cookie stands will have shut down before you get to them!

Can a child ride the long route?
   ONLY the short route is suggested if you have a child riding with you. The short route is almost entirely on a path and/or sidewalk which is designated as a bike path.  The 27 and 43 mile routes are on-road and hilly. They are not safe for children! 

What is the elevation on long route? 
   The long route IS hilly! The cumulative elevation gain is approximately 2,000 feet.  

Do I have to complete the long route by noon? 
   You do not need to finish the long route by noon, but that's when most of the activity will gear up at the expo. If you want to be sure to enjoy some food & entertainment or just roam around the expo be sure to get back by 1:00. The entire event ends at 2:00.  Please understand that some of the cookie stands may shut down if you are very far behind the previous group to come through and it is after noon.

Can a friend pick up my packet on packet pick-up day?
   Yes, as long as you have already signed the waiver (call or email us to be sure)

I'm all registered, does that mean I signed the waiver?
   If you registered as an individual on Eventbrite then you should have signed the waiver. If you submitted a paper form then you know if you signed the waiver or not!  If you have any doubt, you can send us an email at and we'll check for you.

How does team registration work and how do I get the team member discount?
   When you join a team that has 10 members or more, you will receive a $5 discount on your registration.  Before you register, contact the captain for the discount code.  If you are joining a team with fewer than 10 people then you will pay the full $60 fee but when 10 people have signed up you will be refunded $5. TEAM MEMBERS DO NOT HAVE TO RIDE THE SAME ROUTE.

I signed up for the longer route, but I'm thinking about changing to the shorter route. Do I need to tell anyone? Or just go the shorter route when we start?
   Yes, you do need to tell us. You can either change the route you chose via Eventbrite, or you can send us an email to and tell us. We send our longer route riders off first and your bib number corresponds to the ride you intend to take. That's why we need to know!

How do I know what T-shirt size I am?
   T-shirts are unisex/men's sizes, so if you are a woman ordering a shirt, order on the smaller side.

Answers for Cookie Stands

Does it cost anything to host a cookie stand?
   You do not pay us anything to have a stand. Your cost will be only your baking and decorating costs, and the cost of supplying water to the riders (we are looking into getting a water donor so you may not need to do this on your own).

How many people should "man" the stand?

How many cookies do we need to bake?
   If you are on the short route, plan to make 450 cookies. If you are on the mid-length route, plan to make 250 cookies. If you are on the long route 200 cookies should suffice. We will have better estimates as we get closer to ride day.  Many riders have asked us about gluten-free and nut-free cookies.  Those would be awesome additions to your stands.

Do we need to supply anything besides cookies?
   Water would be good.  Of course you are welcome to supply other refreshing (non-alcoholic) beverages if you wish.  Some stands also had oranges and/or bananas as healthier options.

Answers for Exhibitors

Will there be electricity available?
   We will not be able to provide electricity to our vendors. We also cannot allow you to bring generators due to the layout of the event and the noise they would create. Please plan accordingly.