Tree House Tour De Cookie - Stir-roll

0K Stroll

For all of you who love cookies but don't ride bikes, you no longer have to feel left out! After all our riders leave we'll be taking a stroll of just under two miles, and yes, you will get to stop at a cookie stand too!

Here's what you need to know:

  • You DO NOT need to register for the Tree House Tour de Cookie Stir-roll. We will ask for a small donation (you choose the amount) at the start of the walk, cash or check only.
  • If you wish to donate ahead of time, you can donate here*.  Click on REGISTER, then INDIVIDUAL, then I'D LIKE TO MAKE AN ADDITIONAL DONATION. If you do this before April 16th you will also be able to purchase official Tree House Tour de Cookie t-shirts**.  
  • What you get for walking: A delicious cookie from The Tree House cookie stand!

See our schedule for the Stir-roll start time.

*Bring your donation receipt to drop in the jar at the start of the walk on May 5th. This is NOT a registration. It is a donation.

**T-shirts must be picked up at packet pick-up or BEFORE the walk on May 5th.