Tree House Tour De Cookie - Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help out prior to or during the 2019 Tree House Tour de Cookie?

Soon we'll have volunteer sign-ups online. In the meantime, look at the list of jobs below. If you find one you like, send an email to with "Volunteering" in the subject line. Tell us what job you want and we'll get back to you!

Tour de Cookie Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunity What When Where
Hang posters Help put up posters and hand out event cards February, March & April various locations
Find entertainers We need entertainers who are willing to volunteer 3 hours from 11-2 on Event day. For example: magicians, jugglers, dancers, etc. If you know anyone it would help our budget! If these people are school age they CAN get SSL hours for their efforts! March & April look for them anywhere
Get Sponsors Know any businesses that would like to sponsor our event? Encourage them to sign up! Must be done by April 9th anywhere
Get Exhibitors Know any organizations or businesses that would like to have a booth at our expo? Encourage them to sponsor! Must be done by April 20th anywhere
Social Media Sharers Social media sharers. This is a HUGE help and is free and easy. We need people to share our event and Facebook page on social media! Our website is, our Facebook event page is You can also use the information provided on our event website to post our event on NextDoor or neighborhood listserves and meetups. Anytime! anywhere
Game Creators Make some safe and fun carnival type games and bring them to our event. We must approve them ahead of time, but the more we have the better! You will be in charge of transporting them too. These are primarily for the Kids' area, but games that adults would also enjoy are welcome too. All games must be family-friendly! Anytime! anywhere
Stuff packets Help stuff packets for the bike riders Tuesday, April 30th, 9am-when done The Tree House-7300 Calhoun Place, Suite 700, Derwood, MD 20855
Help at Packet Pick-up Help give out packets to registered riders May 1 from 4pm-7pm, May 2 from noon-7pm, May 3 from 4pm-7pm Tentatively at the Best Western Plus Rockville Hotel & Suites, 1251 West Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850
Day before errands Help with errands the day before the event- that might include picking up bananas from our donor, picking up water, and bringing all these items to our cookie stand hosts. It might also include bringing the stand hosts other items. May 3 All over the place
Event registration Help work the registration table at the event May 4: 7am-9:15am Johns Hopkins Univ Montgomery County Campus (JHU), 9601 Medical Center Drive, Rockville, MD 20850
Expo helpers Help people load/unload their items for their booths May 4: 7:30am-9:00am JHU- See Above Address
Errand runners Grab bags and shirts for those at registration table, or communications between the different event areas May 4: 7am-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Directions Direct participants to parking, bathrooms, registration, etc. May 4: 6:30am- 2pm JHU- See Above Address
Be an Entertainer Have a skill with entertaining? Be a magician, face-painter, juggler, or something else fun and safe. We need you at the Expo from 10-2. Students with such talents to share can earn SSL hours. May 4: 10am-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Mascot wearer We have a cookie monster outfit (No, he's not real...sorry). We need several short people to take turns wearing it. If anyone else has a mascot costume of some sort (not scary or violent) we welcome them! May 4: 10am-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Cheerleaders Cheerleaders at the finish line and/or at various points along the ride. These don't have to be "traditional" cheerleaders. They can be totally silly. May 4- 10:00-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Kids area attendants We need people to lead games in the children's area and make sure the children are safe as they ride in that area. We also need attendants to be responsible for our donation jars as people come and go in that area. May 4: 9am-2pm, most need 11am-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Expo "Director" Point Exhibitors to their places at the Expo May 4: 7:30-9:00 JHU- See Above Address
Medical Basic First aid at Expo May 4: 7am-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Event set up/ clean up Help with set up or clean up (includes Arch assembly!) May 4: 5am-7am, 2pm-4pm JHU- See Above Address
Volunteer Check in Ensure Volunteers go to jobs & get t-shirts and get checked off May 4: 5am-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Trash Removal Clean up Trash throughout the event and bring it to dumpster May 4: 8:00-2:30 JHU- See Above Address
Merchandise Table Sell Merchandise May 4: 9:30-2pm JHU- See Above Address
Photographers Photograph expo area and cookie stands May 4: 7:00am-2pm JHU and around the route