Children’s Charity in Adelphi, MD

Charity for Children in Adelphi, MD

Are you thinking about how you might be able to give back to the community? There are so many worthy causes to pick from. We ask that you consider making a donation to The Tree House Child Advocacy Center. We’re one of Maryland’s most respected charities for children in Adelphi. Your donation goes directly to help children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

You may be asking yourself these kinds of questions:

  • Will my donations make a real impact on the children?
  • Should I volunteer or make a donation?
  • Can I trust the Tree House CAC to use my donations wisely?

The Tree House Child Advocacy Center offers medical exams, forensic interviews, and treatment to child abuse victims and their families at no cost.

Donate now to help end child abuse in Adelphi, MD!

Tree House CAC - Helping Child Abuse Victims in Adelphi for 20+ Years

At the Tree House Child Advocacy Center in Montgomery County, Maryland, our mission is to provide relief to children and adolescent victims of abuse by helping them to navigate the healing process. Early intervention is proven to help abused children grow into healthy, productive adults with deep relationships.

To break the cycle of child abuse and prevent further child abuse and neglect, The Tree House CAC uses proven tools to help children deal properly with the resulting trauma. We never give up on any child and we never accept that a victim of abuse is permanently broken. A victim of abuse may never forget, but they will overcome their experience.

Stop Child Abuse and Neglect in Maryland

When you support the Tree House CAC, your donation will help to provide victims of abuse with the services they need. We offer medical, forensic, advocacy, and mental health therapy for children in a secure, supportive environment.

Here are some ways we help the citizens of Adelphi:

  • medical evaluations
  • forensic interviews
  • mental health assessments & therapy
  • victim advocacy
  • education & prevention
  • nurse case management

Trusted Charity for Children in Adelphi

The Tree House CAC is proud to have been accepted into the 2021-22 Class of Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington! We’re glad we can help make a difference in Adelphi and Maryland. Check out these kind words from some who have benefited from our charity:

“A great ride with lots of smiles.” – J.S.

“Friendly people and service animal.” – A.T.

“Kind and well-prepared personnel.” – K.F.

Support Our Children’s Charity for Adelphi, MD

Thanks to donors and volunteers like you, victims of child abuse and neglect in Adelphi get a personal advocate to hear, document, and retell their stories to necessary parties. This means the victim doesn’t have to relive their experiences by describing them by each police officer, doctor, lawyer, or case worker.

The Tree House CAC makes it possible for abused children in Adelphi to tell their stories once in a safe place to someone who truly understands their needs. Your donation can help a child to overcome tragic experiences and enjoy a lifetime of deep, loving relationships.

Donate now to help end child abuse in Adelphi, MD!