Children’s Charity in Boyds, MD

Charity for Children in Boyds, MD

Are you thinking about how you might be able to give back? There are so many worthy causes to choose from. Consider donating to The Tree House Child Advocacy Center. We’re one of Maryland’s most respected charities for children. Your donation will directly help children who are victims of abuse and neglect in Boyds.

Like many donors, you might be asking questions like these:

  • Will my donations to your children’s charity directly help victims?
  • How do I know your children’s charity will use my donation responsibly?
  • Is it better for me to make a donation or to volunteer my time?

Donate now to help victims of child abuse in Boyds, MD!

Tree House CAC - Trusted Children’s Charity in Boyds for Over 20 Years

At the Tree House Child Advocacy Center, our mission is to offer support to children and adolescents who are victims of abuse, aiding them in navigating the healing journey. With early intervention, we aim to empower abused children, fostering their growth into resilient, healthy, and productive adults capable of forming meaningful relationships.

To disrupt the cycle of child abuse and prevent further instances of neglect, we utilize proven tools that assist children in coping effectively with the aftermath of trauma. We steadfastly refuse to give up on any child, firmly believing that no victim of abuse is irreparably broken. While the memories may persist, we are committed to helping victims overcome their trauma.

How the Tree House CAC is Fighting Child Abuse in Boyds, MD

The Tree House CAC provides victims of abuse with the services they need thanks to your generous contributions. Thanks to donors like you, we’re able to provide medical, forensic, advocacy, and mental health therapy for children in a safe, supportive space.

Here are some ways we help the Boyds community:

  • medical evaluations
  • mental health assessments & therapy
  • victim advocacy
  • forensic interviews
  • nurse case management
  • education & prevention

Top-Rated Children’s Charity in Maryland

The Tree House CAC has been accepted into the 2021-22 Class of Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington! We’re so grateful to make a difference in Boyds and Maryland and the DC metro. Hear from some of the families we’ve helped in these 5-star reviews:

“Very good services. Kind and well-prepared personnel.” – K.F.

“Ms. Kathy is so wonderful. Love her!!!” – W. C.

“A great ride with lots of smiles.” – J.S.

Children’s Charity to Stop Child Abuse in Boyds, MD

The generosity of donors and volunteers like you ensures that victims of child abuse and neglect in Boyds have an advocate to listen, document, and communicate their stories to relevant parties. This invaluable support spares the victim from having to repeatedly recount their experiences to every police officer, doctor, lawyer, or case worker.


The Tree House CAC allows abused children in Boyds to share their stories in a secure environment with someone who truly comprehends their needs. Your donation contributes to enabling a child to navigate beyond their traumatic experiences and cultivate a future filled with lasting, meaningful relationships.

Donate now to help victims of child abuse in Boyds, MD!