Child & Family Therapy

Our Mental Health Program

Our mental health team is dedicated to helping children and families heal from trauma using evidence-based practices and treatments. Our staff includes a psychologist, social workers and our psychology practicum student. We also employ the services of Lego, our super supportive therapy dog.  He is a welcome participant in our therapy sessions
The mental health department provides outpatient therapy in our center to children and families that have been affected by abuse. The mental health department also provides in-home short-term trauma treatment to children recently placed in foster care. For more information about any of these programs see below. Please reach out to us and we can help you determine how our services can best support you and your family.

Outpatient Therapy

The Tree House Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County, MD mental health providers offer a variety of evidence based, time limited treatments. All treatments utilized have a strong research base and are validated as best practice approaches. When you and your family come to the Tree House Mental Health Department, we will first assess your child’s symptoms and functioning. We will then decide what treatment is the best fit to help your child healing. 

Current treatments we offer include: 

In Home Therapy for Foster Children

When a child is removed from their caregiver and placed with a stranger, it is a scary and worrisome time. It is at this moment that children most need a trauma informed compassionate therapist to help with the transition into a new unfamiliar home. The foster parents also need support in understanding the child that they are taking in and learning how to best help them. The Tree House’s Transitional Trauma Therapy (T3) program is there to meet that need.  In partnership with Child Welfare Services and with funding by the State of Maryland, T3 therapists provide short term therapy in the foster home. After the six sessions are complete the therapist will provide a warm handoff to a longer-term mental health provider if needed.

Need to Make a Referral?

All referrals must come directly from of the following: Child Welfare Services, law enforcement, our community partner agencies, a child’s school or their pediatrician. If you are a caregiver and are seeking services for your child, please contact one of these providers and request a referral be made on behalf of your child.

The Tree House can assist in making a referral to an appropriate community provider as appropriate. 

When a referral is made by one of the above mentioned services, the parent or guardian will be contacted to schedule a brief phone interview and then an intake appointment. At the intake appointment we will meet with you and your child and determine what therapy services are needed.