Family Advocacy

Our Family Advocacy Program

The Tree House Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County, MD Family Advocacy Program is essential in ensuring children and caregivers receive comprehensive and effective services. Our Family Advocate provides ongoing guidance to children and non-offending caregivers facing multi-level trauma of child abuse.

The Family Advocate provides education about the various roles of The Tree House Child Advocacy Center of Montgomery County, MD partners. Clients will learn about the systems in place to help victims such as investigation, prosecution, and treatment.

The Family Advocate conducts a needs assessment and connects families to support services such as therapy, medical care, crisis services, domestic violence, education issues, financial assistance, legal and other basic needs.

Additionally, the Family Advocate assists victims and their non-offending caregivers with understanding and filing peace or protective orders on behalf of minor child victims. This includes court accompaniment where legal and emotional support is provided. The Family Advocate also assists with court preparation, accompaniment, and emotional support for minors who are required to testify as victim/witnesses in circuit court criminal cases.

Court processes can be lengthy. The Family Advocate will provide ongoing support, assistance understanding notifications, and education throughout the investigative and prosecutorial phases to children and non-offending caregivers classified as victim/witnesses in criminal court cases.

A Family Advocate will be available during your visit to answer any questions you may have about the investigative process and connect you with community resources. The advocate will be available to you long term and can always be contacted on an as needed basis.

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