Medical Exams

Our Medical Examinations

Our medical team’s goal is to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible when making clients medical We assessment recognize child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect often have concerns about their bodies that they are afraid to voice. Our medical team is well versed in gaining the child’s trust and moving at an appropriate pace so we can perform a thorough exam while respecting the autonomy of each child who comes to us for an exam.


Our Medical Team consists of a Board-Certified Child Abuse Pediatrician and a Registered Nurse.  They specialize in examining and treating children who have suffered abuse.

The medical exams are performed here at The Tree House in our child-friendly exam rooms.  The Medical Team is a regular part of our staff.  We are equipped to medically evaluate, examine, and provide treatment recommendations for child victims of physical abuse, sexual abuse, and neglect. We serve children from ages 0 -17.

There are two parts to the medical evaluation, obtaining a history from the child and a physical examination. Also, we speak to parents individually in order to address their questions and concerns.

Our goal during the medical visit is to determine the current health and wellness the child.   We address all physical and emotional needs of each child during a medical visit in the process. This holistic approach allows us to understand and address the specific needs of our patients so we can build a personalized strategy for healing; as well as validate their health.

We never force a child to comply with a medical exam. During the office visit, our Pediatrician and Nurse explain the exam to the child and their parent. The child has the opportunity to ask any questions, voice concerns, or express any fears they have.  Empowering our patients by treating them with respect helps engage willingness. We respect their right to say no.

After the child speaks confidentially with our Pediatrician, the Nurse escorts them to a child-friendly exam room.  Here the child has the option of inviting their parent to join.  They change into a gown.  When the child is ready to begin the exam, we start with vital signs (height, weight, etc.), then a complete head-to-toe exam is performed.  The exam includes collecting appropriate lab samples for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and photos or videos if necessary as well as addressing other acute medical needs as they arise.

Yes. The Pediatrician and Nurse will discuss the results with both the child and the parent, either together or separately immediately at the conclusion of the medical exam.  We will offer treatment recommendations as well as needed.

With parental consent, we will send a copy of the medical report to the child’s pediatrician.  This ensures that the child’s medical practitioner is aware of the recent trauma (and any other medical needs we uncover) and can provide compassionate follow-up care. We will inform the pediatrician of any lab test results as soon as they become available.

All services at The Tree House are free of charge.  We do not bill your insurance company.

Yes. If we believe a child would benefit from additional services, we will make arrangements.

You or your child are always welcome to call our Child Abuse Pediatrician or Nurse to discuss the child’s health and well-being if any questions arise later. We understand this process may be overwhelming for both parent and child. You can call us anytime and we will be happy to address all questions & concerns.