Children’s Charity in North Potomac, MD

Tree House Child Advocacy Center Serving North Potomac, MD

Are you thinking about how you might be able to give back to your community? Please consider donating to The Tree House Child Advocacy Center. We’re one of Maryland’s most respected charities for children. Your donation will go directly to help children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

You may be asking yourself:

  • Can my donations make a real impact on a child’s life?
  • Will the Tree House CAC use my donations wisely?
  • Should I volunteer to help or make a donation?

The Tree House Child Advocacy Center offers medical exams, forensic interviews, and treatment to the victims or their families at no cost.

Make your donation now and help end child abuse and neglect in North Potomac, MD.

Tree House Child Advocacy Center - Helping Victims of Abuse in North Potomac for Over 20 Years

At the Tree House Child Advocacy Center, our mission is to provide relief to children and adolescent victims of abuse by helping them to navigate the healing process. Early intervention helps abused children grow into healthy, productive adults capable of deep relationships.

To break the cycle of child abuse and prevent it in the future, we use proven tools to help children deal properly with the resulting trauma. We never give up on a victim and we never accept that an abused child is permanently broken. Victims of abuse may never forget, but they can overcome their experiences.

Child Abuse Charity in North Potomac, MD

When you support the Tree House Child Advocacy Center, you provide victims of abuse with the services they need. We offer medical, forensic, advocacy, and mental health therapy for children in a secure, supportive environment.

By volunteering at the Tree House Child Advocacy Center, you’re helping to get victims of abuse and our local community the following services:

  • Thorough medical evaluations
  • Mental health assessments & therapy
  • Victim advocacy
  • Forensic interviews
  • Nurse case management
  • Education & Prevention

Here are some of the events and programs that volunteers like you help to support:

  • Tree House Tour de Cookie
  • Fundraising Events
  • Medical Needs Donation Program
  • Stuffed Animal Donation Program
  • Book Donation Program
  • Snack Donation Program

Trustworthy Children’s Charity in North Potomac, MD

The Tree House CAC has been accepted into the 2021-22 Class of Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington! We’re happy we can help make a difference in North Potomac and throughout Maryland. Check out these reviews from victims and parents:

“My daughter has been receiving treatment for some time and the staff is discreet, accommodating, sensitive, compassionate, and very helpful working with the whole family during treatment.” – H.K.

“Staff is friendly. You feel welcome. It is fairly easy to make appointments. They have a little place where kids can play.” – D.Q.

“Ms. Sara is absolutely amazing. Words can’t describe her devotion to children. So wonderful to have a clinician like Sara available to children and their families.” – J.K.

Help End Child Abuse in North Potomac By Supporting Our Charity

Thanks to donors and volunteers like you, victims of child abuse and neglect in North Potomac receive an advocate to hear, document, and retell their stories to necessary parties. Your donation can help a child to overcome their tragic experiences and enjoy a lifetime of deep, loving relationships.