Tree House Tour de Cookie

Cookie Stands

Our cookie stands are the heart and soul (and stomach) of The Tree House Tour de Cookie. Hosted by area organizations, the cookie stands provide riders with delicious cookies and entertainment! Our cookie stand hosts bake fresh, wonderful cookies for hundreds of riders. But baking is not all they do; they are also expert decorators! Yes, creative decorating and entertainment is part of the fun found at the cookie stands! We’ve even seen mascots appear at some of the stands. Stand hosts use their imagination, enthusiasm and expert baking ability to woo our riders and judges! Judges?? Yes, four awards will be given – The Best Decorated Cookie Stand, The Best Cookies Cookie Stand, The Most Spirited Cookie Stand, and The Best Overall Cookie Stand.

Want to host a Cookie Stand? Here's what you need to know!

Cookie Stand Basics

The Tree House Tour de Cookie will be held from 9am–3pm on Saturday, May 4th, 2024. We will host the event on May 5th in the event of rain.

You do not need to pay us to have a cookie stand. Your cost is the cost of baking and setting up your stand.

As a cookie-stand host we’ll need you to:

Our 2024 Cookie Stands

Booz Allen Hamilton – Mario

Strategic Technology Institute – Jersey Shore

Strategic Technology Institute – Maleficent

Mom Hive Group – Bee Hive